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Welcome to Yuanchuang Woodworking Machinery Co., Ltd

YuanChuang Wood working machinery Co Ltd, is the leading wood cutting machine, and log cutting machine supplier in China, that manufactures multi blade saw mill machine for log and square timber, sliding table saw machine, band saw machine, edge-trimming, multi blade rip saw, and circular saw machine for wood cutting, etc.

The company is established with 20,000square meters scale owing beyond 100 employees and is located in Changting County, Fujian province, China. The county is mountainous and rich in forest and timber resources, thus leads to the demands and development of the electric band saw machine industry.

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Welcome to the leading Manufacturers of Band Saw Machine & Saw Mill Machine

YuanChuang Woodworking Machinery Co., Ltd, is a manufacturing company located in Fujian province, China that specializes in producing multi-blade saw machines for; log and square timber, Circular Saw Machine For Wood Cutting, saw mill machine for cutting off logs, saw machine for the slab, sliding table saw machine, band saw machine, and edge-trimming saw machine, etc.

Besides, we also deal in providing circular saw machines for wood cutting. Our company is built within 20,000square meters scale, and comprise of above 100 employees. Since our country is mountainous, rich in forest, and timber resources, hence it leads to a big demand for an electric saw machine industries.


What we aim?

We aim to bring the name of our company among the top worldwide wood making machinery companies in China; and for that, we provide every that convenience, and possibilities which any regular client could ask for.

From saw machine to multi-plate saw, manual cutting saw, circular saw machine for wood cutting and regular cutting saw; we own all machinery for sawn timbers and other such material. Each of our machines is produced by Q-TYCJ standard to ensure quality and is strictly inspected before shipped. We own our individual R&D team, and all machines can be customized with our most advanced manufacturing devices and high-quality raw materials. Our products are hot selling in the home and overseas markets.

What makes us best?

In the mayhem of increasing competition everywhere to bring one’s company in the well-reputable names; how we manage and struggle to make our brand unique, and best one; that is an untold story in itself. Following are the few driving factors that make our brand Yuan Chuang to be the unique one are;

  • Our interest & Aptitude towards Technology
  • Strong communication system with clients
  • Ability to be cross-trained
  • strict attention to all product details

Our long list of machinery items includes; saw mill machine, multi-plate saw, the band saw machine, fully automatic grinding machine, small diameter saw multi-blade saw, and 5-12 log multi-blade saw.