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Log Cut off Saw

Looking for reliable Log Cutting Machine Suppliers? Come to us

When it comes to looking for best log cutting machine suppliers in China, then we come in the top priority of all interested buyers. Our provided log cut off saw machines are widely used for cutting sawn timbers, and other wood items.

Being the leading log cutting machine supplier, we use excellent quality raw material obtained from reliable sources. Our products are widely appreciated by massive clients as they come in durable and anti-corrosive sturdy frames. The wood cutting band saw machines which we provide; are easy to maintain and operate. Most importantly, all machines are available at the most reasonable prices.

Our wood Cutting Band Saw, log cutting machines, a multi blade rip saw, and other such machines are extensively demanded in the market since it provides an accurate desired shape to the wooden board. Unlike other log cutting machine suppliers, we prepare all machines using cutting edge technology, and the latest techniques.

Some notable specifications of our wood cutting machines are;


  • Power form: pneumatic electric
  • Sawing length range: any adjustable
  • Saw blade specifications: 5005.03060T
  • Processing caliber: 10-20*50cm
  • Main motor power: 2.2-4 kilowatts
  • Workbench length: front desk 120cm
  • Dimensions: 200cm80cm60cm

The main perk of approaching reliable and leading log cutting machine supplier like us is, our focus is not only on making sales, but we also aim to make your business profitable by providing you quality machine for multiple projects. Get our machine now and be the best project maker in your town.

Log Cut off Saw