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Multi Blade Saw

Expand your business with our Top provided Multi Blade Saw Machine & Multi Blade Rip Saw!

Whether your business deals in making a home, office furniture, or you do stone processing work; multi blade saw machine is something which you need every time as it can not only save your time, but effort as well in cutting, and shaping more than one woods in one time.

Our contemporary made multi-blade machines comes in different shapes and sizes to get in use for small workshops, or large-scale production facilities.

It’s been a long time since we’ve been facilitating massive customers and clients in the market being a recognized wood treatment tools manufacturer. Our manufacturing services also include producing circular saws with stellated blades, multi blade rip saw, gang saw stellated blades, blades made of sintered carbides, chrome-plated or for expanding, and HM circular saws with holes in blades.

How our products are usable?

Our products are something that are needed almost in every that organization where furniture or wood related services are been availed. However, our rip saw, and multi blasé saw machines are widely used by woodworking operations for cutting wood into specific shapes and sizes since they’re used in producing furniture, boards, and beams.

Besides, other basic uses of our provided multiple blade table saw include profiling wooden workpieces. But, generally, it is used in natural stone processing.

Main Feature:

Some striking features of our manufactured multi-blade rip and saw machines are;

  • It comprises of the narrow rip which makes the output effective and profitable
  • It can be used as a planner since it comes in high machining quality
  • It makes Ideal equipment for molding high precision, laminated veneer, and small panels
  • This machine planes wood at two surfaces to achieve a specific thickness, and after that separate with different tear saw edges into determined pieces

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Multi Blade Saw